Kashmir Willow

Kashmir Willow

RS The Blaster

Top Grade Kashmir Willow Bat made from the finest selected Willow personally hand picked, traditionally shaped, massive profile, large sweet spot, thick shoulders and contoured edges light pick-up.

RS Recorder Test Selection

Top Grade Kashmir Willow Bat made from selected Willow, nicely balanced, slightly bowed, large sweet spot, evenly balanced.

RS Clubman

A very good grade Kashmir Willow Bat with light pick up, with very long sweet spot, ideal for both low as well bouncy tracks.

RS Duke of Windsor

A good quality Kashmir willow bat with nice balance and pick-up, thick shoulders and contoured edges.

RS Score Master

A good grade bat with glass Fibre Facing, All White Bleached in Poly- Flex Finish.

RS Golden Edge

A bat specially designed for Club play with glass fiber Facing all white bleached with poly coating.

RS Caribee

A bat specially designed for club play in natural or bleached polyflex finish as per demand.

RS Test Master

A bat in terry armoured finish with improved driving power from good quality willow.

RS The Blaster

Technique Practive 2" Bats

This special bat is made from the heaviest available English Willow so that though this bat only 2" wide for training has the weight of a normal bat otherwise the training is not as effective when you return to your real bat.